The Role of Generators in Human Design

Generators are the energizers of the world.

You are typically an energetic person who gets a buzz when creating things or doing activities that you love. Generators love to build, create, and get things done. They tend to have several hobbies or activities that they do regularly. This is when they recharge and feel happiest.

Famous Generators in Human Design

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Oprah, Beyonce, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, and the Dalai Lama.

  • You are the energetic powerhouse of the world. Generators are usually active people who get a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment by getting things done.
  • They tend to have several hobbies they enjoy. They get a buzz when doing things they are passionate or excited about. When they feel tired, their minds typically think up which activities will make them feel alive, recharged and energized again.
  • Their happiness is dependent on freedom to chase their inner desires and passions. When they are forced to do things they don’t like, they feel frustrated. This frustration sometimes comes out of nowhere and is not something you can control.
  • People are really drawn to Generators when they are in their element; you make others feel excited and energized, too. Some people may even say you have a natural draw or magnetism, or a flirty, seductive or charming attraction to you.
  • It is common for Generators to ignore their passion projects, interests, or desires because they feel guilty for not doing what others want. But then they become constantly irritated.
  • When Generators start doing too many things they don’t enjoy, they may also feel overwhelmed, unmotivated, dull, or experience a lack of enjoyment in their lives. They can become frustrated at life, moody, or snap out at others. They need to balance their responsibilities with their interests to reach their optimal energy, happiness, and productivity levels.
  • When you get stuck in commitments, environments, careers, or places that you don’t enjoy, you may feel frustrated, irritated, or dread. Over time, this frustration may give way to apathy, lack of energy and passion, and burnout. These signals mean you are not thriving or something needs to change.

Generator Energy Type: Characteristics

Generators are the builders, doers, and creators of things around us. You tap into your potential when you pursue, develop, and build or create what you love. You have the capacity to work hard on your skills towards a level of mastery. You show others that work, hobbies, relationships, and life can be fulfilling and pleasurable.

Generators are the energetic bunnies of the five energy types above. Your energy is vital. Other types don’t have consistent energy like yours and they need it, too.

When you do what truly sparks and interests you, you light up with excitement and energize yourself and everyone around you. Others can absorb your energy.

This energy is necessary to create, build, and get things done. You are here to produce products, services, and concepts that the world needs and wants. Your drive will lead you to produce products, services, and ideas that the world needs and wants.

But Generators only tap into this immense energy when they are excited about something. When they do what sparks and interests them, they buzz with energy. You thrive in environments where you have the freedom to pursue your passions, desires, interests, and hobbies.

This energy is magnetic. When you are excited, people are drawn to you; this attracts clients, opportunities, relationships, and friends who feed off what you love doing. This life will be truly aligned to what you want. This is why you shouldn’t feel guilty or selfish to chase your desires, even if other people disagree.

Thus, Generators are meant to follow their passions, desires and pleasures. But they often feel guilty or selfish to do this, especially if it excludes or displeases people.

So, many generators get ‘stuck’ in jobs, relationships, or lives they no longer enjoy. They stop tapping into their huge energy and become frustrated. This is a disservice to their best gift and tiredness and boredom seeps.

Decision-Making for Generators

> Generator Strategy: Respond

Your ‘strategy’ guides you to make better decisions and know when to commit. Your decision-making process is completed by your Inner Authority (either an Emotional Generator or a Sacral Generator).

  • Your body will tell you which are the correct environments, people, places, situations, foods, and opportunities for you. In your case, your gut response is your strongest indicator of when something is right for you. It can feel like an excited buzz or an energetic spurt, and it lights you up.
  • When Generators go in pursuit of trying to excite themselves, they usually end down too many false starts and frustrating avenues. It is better to follow the things that pique your interest as you come across them in your daily life.
  • Your body is constantly responding to the world around you. When Generators really want or like something, they typically feel a buzz of excited energy in their gut or around their body.
  • Generators can use this body response to answer yes and no questions. For example, rather than asking what you want to do, get someone to ask you if you want one specific option. Your body will spark up with an excited energy if you want it (yes response), or it will feel restricting or will spark no reaction if you’re not interested (no response).
  • Only follow interests and activities that give you an absolute yes response; an unsure answer or maybe is a no.

You are designed to react to the world as it comes to you and see what feels exciting. If you try to actively chase and uncover your interests, you will waste time and energy and get frustrated. Your gut will spark up when something interests you. This is a sign of what you should follow in life, which will lead you to your purpose and happiness.

Many generators get ‘stuck’ in jobs, relationships, or lives they don’t enjoy because they follow what they ‘should’ do. They get caught in cycles of people-pleasing and ignore their desires. This means they never tap into the true potential of their huge energy and become frustrated with things around them.

As a pure generator, it is important for you to reconnect to your deepest desires, what excites you, and what gets your body going: this is how your gut speaks to you. Look for sensations, sounds, or feelings when something piques your interest; it might be a hit in your stomach, sitting up straight, or giggling in delight.

When your gut (sacral) response is a ‘hell yes’ or ‘I love this,’ this is a sign of what you should follow. A weaker sensation such as ‘maybe’ or ‘I guess so’ is a no. The response may come in the form of excitement or a sound (uh-huh, uh-uh), grunt, internal feeling, or unconscious movement, such as sitting up in interest. When your excitement subsides, you should move on.

It can be difficult to know what you want; but if you chase it, you can end up in an endless search. Instead, you are designed to respond to what naturally comes into your life. This can be anything from advertising on social media to products in a store. It might be a conversation with friends or a book recommendation. The important thing is that you move through your life constantly checking how your gut responds.

Your gut will give you a physical hit of excitement, which is its signal that you should follow something. Look for sensations, sounds, or feelings when something piques your interest; it might be a buzz in your stomach, sitting up straight, or feeling compelled to learn more about something.

– Not-Self (Negative Response): Frustration

The ‘not-self’ is how your body reacts when something is wrong for you. Frustration is your body’s signal that you are committing your energy to things that don’t excite or interest you.

  • When you have to do something you don’t want to or that you dislike, you are prone to frustration or irritation. You might also feel drained, bored, unenergized, or exhausted, as if you have run out of battery or no longer feel excited by life.
  • Generators start to feel frustrated at people, situations, or commitments when they are unhappy about it. It’s important to use this frustration as your body’s signal that something needs to change. It might be delegating a task at work, saying no to a commitment, or dedicating more time to your passions.
  • Frustration might also show up as huffing and puffing, sighing, complaining, or feeling dread at having to do something. Others feel melancholy, bored, uninspired, or unexcited.
  • If this frustration builds up over time, Generators may start to feel low energy, unmotivated, burnt out, boredom, or uninspired by life all the time.

Many think it is only a dream to have fun at work or make money from their passions. But in the case of a pure generator, this is vital. Other energy types do not have a consistent energy source like you. If you are not excited, you will not create the energy that we all need to get things done.

When a generator does not love what they’re doing, they will feel frustrated, burnt out, uninspired, unhappy, depressed, constricted, stressed, exhausted or overwhelmed. It can also feel like an energetic frustration, like things aren’t moving or flowing as you want. If you are feeling any of these emotions, take a look in the moment at which situations or people are causing this.

These emotions are signs that you need to change or remove what doesn’t light you up. It might be small tweaks of a situation, such as freedom at work or in a relationship to chase projects or hobbies you like. It might mean letting go of bigger things, such as an entire career or a relationship. Start small and experiment.

When you spend your energy doing only what you love, you will feel a sense of deep satisfaction at the end of the day that your energy was well used. This satisfaction is a sign that you are on the right path.

+ Signature (Positive Response): Satisfaction

Your ‘signature’ is what you feel when something is right for you. Satisfaction is the signal that you are in the correct environments and opportunities, and appreciated for who you are.

  • You will feel positive, energized, and excited when something is right for you. It will feel satisfying, enjoyable, or easy.
  • When you do what you love, you feel happily satisfied. It feels like each day is well spent. This achievement is fulfilling.
  • When you really enjoy something, you feel well-satiated or deeply satisfied about it. Think about when you enjoy your favorite meal or talk about your hobby to someone. This emotion is a signal of your optimal happiness.

When you direct your energy to do what you really love, you will feel satiated and satisfied that the day was well spent. Satisfaction is the emotion you associate with happiness.

Your happiest state comes from feeling free to do what excites you. When something is right for you, you feel a deep sense of satisfaction or fulfillment; you enjoy what you are doing in the moment, time flies by, and you feel pleased afterward about how you spent your time and efforts that day.

Identify which people, situations and experiences energize you. Share your contagious energy, excitement and interests with others; It might be your favorite meal or a weekend hobby.

This satisfaction is a sign that you are on the right path and you will rest deeply. If you still have energy at the end of the day, it can help to physically release it with exercise or other hobbies you love.

There is nothing more satisfying than spending your energy doing what you love, whether at work, your weekend hobbies, or your favorite food. You feel deeply happy when a day is well spent.

Generators in Relationships & Love

  • It is important that your partner and family understand your need to follow your passions and interests, even if it excludes or disappoints them. Balance is key, though, to make sure your passions do not consume your whole life.
  • If you make plans that involve someone else, only say yes when you really mean it. Otherwise, you might show up feeling frustrated or dread that you have to go.
  • Generators often fear that they come across as selfish if they say no, but they only serve others when they are truly passionate. Otherwise, you do not show up as your magnetic and energized self.

Generators in Work & Careers

  • You need the freedom to follow your passions in the workplace. Generators may feel frustrated if their desired projects are rejected or they are stuck doing tasks they don’t enjoy.
  • See if you can delegate tasks that don’t light you up. When a project excites you, you can energize your whole team and this is important for success.

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